LED panel lights classification and advantages
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LED panel light classification

LED panel lights are available in both direct and side lighting.

The side-emitting panel light has the advantages of light weight, thin body, convenient installation and transportation, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to emit uneven light; the advantages of the direct-type panel light are sufficient brightness and cost control, and the disadvantage is that glare is inevitable, and there is a dark area, the lamp body Heavy and heavy, transport installation is relatively inconvenient.

The price of the side-emitting LED panel lamp is relatively expensive compared to the direct-type price, because the technology of the side-emitting LED panel lamp is relatively complicated, which is determined by the product structure of the side-emitting, and the side-emitting LED panel lamp is more than the direct-down technology and process. It is complicated, which leads to product yield and product uniformity are more difficult to control.

LED panel light advantage

LED panel luminaires have a very soft way of illuminating. At present, the commonly used side illuminating method, the light emitted from the surface of the lamp body is very uniform, so that the emitted light is not glaring at all. Used in various fields, it can effectively eliminate glare.

Above, the LED panel light has become the best product to replace the traditional grille lamp panel in the LED era with its uniform illumination, higher index, uniform and soft light, and comfortable. It will be used in schools and other indoor lighting fields. The development space will be bigger and bigger.


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